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Survey Highlights

Survey Overview

  • Survey Purpose: To create, implement and sustain an online survey and database to describe the employer base, occupations and sectors of Campbell River which are in growing, in transition or decline and the necessary skills, training and human resource strategies.
  • This is part of a broader project, the "Workforce Development within a Rural Transitioning Economy" to support the implementation of a Coordinated Campbell River Workforce Development Strategy.
  • Launched at an October 14, 2010 Chamber of Commerce luncheon. After the luncheon, postcards were sent to over 2,000 employers. The survey closed December 11, 2010
  • The survey was composed of 53 forced-choice or closed-ended questions and 1 open-ended ("other comments") question. It was viewed 958 times, started 504 times, completed by 229 individuals/organizations. Many of the "drop outs" (after starting) completed a substantial number of questions, and therefore the number of respondents exceeded 250-300 in the case of many questions.
  • Average Time to Complete Survey: 38 minutes Survey Structure
  • Organizational Profile
  • Workforce Profile
  • Economic and Business Competitiveness
  • Workforce Attraction and Recruitment
  • Education and Training
  • Workforce Retention
  • Information and Planning
  • Other Questions


  1. Identify and define existing, declining, growth and emerging industries and occupations
  2. Identify and define skills development needs of the local labour force relevant to current and future labour market demands
  3. Identify and define HR skill development needs of the employer community to ensure the attraction and retention of a qualified workforce
  4. Identify and define the needed training and skill development supply systems to support employer and employee human resource development


  • Respondents perceive the value of spending 20 minutes to complete the survey
  • As short as possible, balancing the information we need with the time of respondents to complete the survey
  • The questions are clear and unambiguous
  • The questions reflect key indicators about which we need information in order to develop needed strategies
  • The questions will yield responses that achieve the goals of the survey
  • The questions address gaps in information we have about Campbell River employer workforce practices
  • The instrument and methodology will be vetted by the Steering Committee and Employer Advisory Committee
  • Integration with the work of other aspects of the project and other related Chamber activities

Survey Response

  • The largest single community-based workforce survey on Vancouver Island.
  • The VIEA survey of VI employers a few years ago received responses from 120 employers in what are now the 2 regional districts.
  • A 50% response rate among Chamber membership (250 respondents).
  • Over 15,000 question responses and over 10,000 response minutes.
  • This is huge compared to most polls and surveys. The average poll has a sample of fewer than 1,000, less than 10 questions, and approximately 10 minutes to complete.
Range of Number of EmployeesNumber of Establishment Locations"Percentage of Total""Target Response Rate"Number of Target Responses"Estimated Actual Responses""Percentage of Total"Estimated Response RateDelivered PostcardsResponse by Employee Size - DatabaseActual Response rate - Database
0 (unknown)1671915.45%
Question 52. Are you aware of and have you used the following types of government programs?

Between 183 and 187 employers responded to these questions on awareness and use of government programs. First, in terms of respondents’ awareness, it ranged from a low awareness of 77.2% (not being aware) of the Welcome BC initiative to a relatively high awareness of 47.5% (not being aware) of the Target Wage Subsidy Program. Skills Connect for Immigrants (72.6%) and the Labour Market Partnership Program (LMPP) (71.2%) also received low recognition ratings among respondents.