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Secondary Research

At the start of this project and throughout, the consultant team, with the assistance of the Management Team members and several members of the Steering Committee and Employer Advisory Committee, and other stakeholders, compiled a large amount of reports and data on economic, industrial and labour market trends in Campbell River and the broader region.

This secondary research focuses on labour market and employment development reports and analysis prepared by local industry sector associations, businesses, Aboriginal organizations, employment service providers, educational institutions and government agencies supplemented by broader census data and community profiles, Strathcona Regional District analysis and regional reports with a Campbell River and area component prepared by economic development associations such as the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) and the Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET). The main aim is to inform the development of the employer survey in order to focus on key areas of labour market and human resource development.

These key areas can be summarizes as:

  • Key Industry Sectors
    • Aquaculture
    • Fishing
    • Power Production and Alternate Energy
    • Construction and Large Project Development
    • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Arts, Entertainment and Technology
    • Forestry
    • Agriculture
  • Population
  • Income Levels
  • Unemployment
  • Labour Demand
  • Labour Supply
  • Under-represented Labour Force Groups
  • School Student Population
  • Campbell River Labour Market Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Question 19. How do you expect the demand for your products/services to change over the next 12 months?

Consistent with the optimism in the responses to the previous question, almost two- thirds (65%) of 261 responding organizations expect the demand for their products/services to increase moderately or significantly over the next 12 months (see Chart 8 on next page). Only 7.3% expect them to decrease over this period.