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There were three main parts of the research in this project:

  1. Secondary Research - The review and synthesis of several reports and data sources regarding Campbell River and the broader region, and its economy, labour market, workforce and key industry sectors.
  2. Employer Survey - A survey of all types of Campbell River employers on business, economic, competitiveness, and (mostly) workforce issues and needs.
  3. Other Primary Research - Focus group sessions and key informant interviews with several key industry representatives in Campbell River.

Secondary Research

The secondary research focuses on labour market and employment development reports and analysis prepared by local industry sector associations, businesses, Aboriginal organizations, employment service providers, educational institutions and government agencies supplemented by broader census data and community profiles, Strathcona Regional District analysis and regional reports with a Campbell River and area component prepared by economic development associations such as the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) and the Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET). A review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) is provided here. The main aim is to inform the development of the employer survey in order to focus on key areas of labour market and human resource development.


The purpose of the survey was to create, implement and sustain an online survey and database to describe the employer base, occupations and sectors of Campbell River which are in growing, in transition or decline and the necessary skills, training and human resource strategies.

The survey was composed of 53 forced-choice or closed-ended questions and 1 open-ended (“other comments”) question. It was viewed 958 times, started 504 times, completed by 251 individuals/organizations. Many of the “drop outs” (after starting) completed a substantial number of questions, and therefore the number of respondents exceeded 300 in the case of many questions. The average time to complete the survey was 38 minutes.

Other Primary Research

The original work plan of the Workforce Development within a Rural Transitioning Economy project contemplated the employer survey as the main primary research vehicle. However, it was understood that some limited and focused amount of additional primary research would be useful for probing deeper into issues identified in the survey and to add value to the final project deliverable. It was assumed that this would complement and evolve out of the employer survey and ongoing discussions with Project Management Committee through the course of the overall project. It was assumed that focus groups and key informant interviews would be the vehicles used for such research. Focus group meetings and key informant interviews have now taken place involving the following individuals.

Question 11. How many workers do you currently employ in the following categories in Campbell River?
Total workers4,532.91,2329515177,232.9
Total workers as % of total62.717.013.17.1100.0%
Average worker per organization15.
Number of organizations with no workers in a category69121205115n/a
% of total with no workers in a category24.242.672.240.5n/a