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Primary Research

This project utilized an employer online survey and other primary research, specifically, focus groups and interviews conducted after the survey.

Employer Online Survey

The purpose of the survey was to create, implement and sustain an online survey and database to describe the employer base, occupations and sectors of Campbell River which are in growing, in transition or decline and the necessary skills, training and human resource strategies.

The survey was completed by 251 individuals/organizations. Many of the “drop outs” (after starting) completed a substantial number of questions, and therefore the number of respondents exceeded 300 in the case of many questions. This employer survey is the largest of its kind – the largest single community-based workforce survey on Vancouver Island, if not in BC.

Please see the Survey section of this website for more details of the survey.

Several important response trends were identified within the following topics:

  • Employer Profile
  • Workforce
  • Business Competitiveness
  • Workforce Attraction and Recruitment
  • Education and Training
  • Retention
  • Information and Planning

The employer survey and companion database are major legacies and deliverables of this project that will provide a strong foundation on which the CRDCC and community partners and the employer population will be able to draw from and on build on to produce many decision-making tools and intelligence. Recommendations of the use of this database will be provided in the final section of this report.

Other Primary Research The original work plan of the Workforce Development within a Rural Transitioning Economy project contemplated the employer survey as the main primary research vehicle. However, it was understood that some limited and focused amount of additional primary research would be useful for probing deeper into issues identified in the survey and to add value to the final project deliverable. Therefore, focus group meetings and key informant interviews have now taken place involving the following sectors and 50 individuals.

Focus Groups

  1. Aquaculture;
  2. Forestry Sector; and,
  3. A group of large projects contemplated for the Campbell River area.

Key Information Interviews

  1. Economic Development (Rivercorp and Community Futures);
  2. Large retail business representatives;
  3. Small retail representatives;
  4. Tourism industry representatives;
  5. Arts Sector representatives.

The focus groups and interviews with representatives of key Campbell River industry sectors were important for both validating some of the survey findings and uncovering new insights on employer and workforce needs and potential strategies.

Question 41. How could suppliers of education, training and employment development in Campbell River enhance their delivery for your employees?

The most popular choice in response to this question was the need for suppliers of education, training and employment development to provide flexible scheduling of programs; 92 employers identified this as important. The next most popular response was online/videoconferencing formats of programs, modularized (smaller “chunks”) programs, and shorter (duration) programs.


Question 51. How useful are the following types of local labour market information to your organization?

Of 185 to 187 respondents to each category of information, information on emerging industries was rated a useful or very useful by 61.3% of employers; and information on declining industries and local labour force demographic data were supported by 59.9% and 57.8% of respondents, respectively.