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Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

Founding Partner - Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

The Vancouver Island Economic Alliance is a collaborative partnership that is spearheading regional economic development for the Vancouver Island region, and is providing a means for the multiple communities, First Nations, businesses, and other key stakeholders to collaborate on a broad economic development program that improves the region’s overall capacity for growth.

VIEA’s Purpose

  • To promote a sustainable and diversified economy for all residents of the Vancouver Island economic region.
  • To promote strong communities and First Nations and careful stewardship of our natural resources
  • To promote regional leadership for regional business attraction, retention and expansion
  • To promote regional initiatives that strengthen economic capacity

Our Mission

VIEA provides leadership to promote sustainable economic development on Vancouver Island.

Our Vision

Vancouver Island is the Region of choice to live, work and invest. We are a dynamic prosperous economic region founded on collaboration and innovation across community and business.

Operating Principles

  • VIEA will be a proactive, facilitative, independent body
  • VIEA will operate using collaboration as a major tool
  • VIEA will take the lead on some initiatives and support the leadership of others for different initiatives
  • VIEA will incorporate accountability measures into projects/initiatives
  • VIEA will encourage respect for individual community choices
  • VIEA will, when and whenever possible, identify opportunities to partner and collaborate
  • VIEA will be representative of a broad cross section of Vancouver Island economic partners and will not allow itself to be unduly influenced by any specific sector

Desired Outcomes

  • Vancouver Island has growing and increasingly diverse public and private sectors
  • Vancouver Island has a sufficient quantity and quality of labour to sustain a growing and diverse business climate
  • To realize our potential through consultative partnerships with community stakeholders who have an interest in economic development
  • To influence business confidence through effective leadership by consistently representing collective regional interest


  • VIEA leads and facilitates the process of attracting, retaining and expanding business investment and labour force
  • Prior to commencing work on strategic initiatives, VIEA must first define and establish its boundaries and administrative resources


VIEA membership pays regional dividends. Your investment as a member of VIEA is an investment in the future of Vancouver Island. Our history has shown that VIEA provides positive dividends to members by contributing to our region’s economic growth.

Since 2007, corporate and community partners from across the island have invested well over $115,000 into VIEA memberships to support our collaboration approach to regional economic development. VIEA is proud to have leveraged these membership investments more than 12 times over to deliver nearly $1.5 million in services and initiatives across the island. Our Regional Economic Analysis, labour market research, our annual State of the Island Summit and our Linking Project are just a few examples of how VIEA is creating tangible outcomes for the Island’s business leadership.

Today more than ever, VIEA’s focus on Collaboration and the coordinated pooling of resources remain the cornerstones of our success. Join us as we work together to build a stronger Vancouver Island economy!

For more information on the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance and its activities please take a look at our website,