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BC Hydro

Founding Partner - BC Hydro and Power Authority

British Columbia is growing, and so is the need for electricity. BC Hydro is dedicated to fulfilling its goal of meeting 66 per cent of the province’s future electricity needs through conservation by 2020. But in order to meet the remaining 34 per cent of this increased demand and continue to ensure a clean, reliable supply of energy, BC Hydro is investing now in the projects that are needed to keep the lights on in our province for the next 50 years.

Fifty years ago, British Columbians turned to BC Hydro to build the clean electricity system they count on to power B.C.’s economy, create jobs in every region, and keep the lights on. Now, BC Hydro is building again for the next 50 years. B.C. continues to grow and so has the need for more electricity. That’s why BC Hydro is building, renewing, and encouraging conservation to meet today’s needs and those of future generations. In 2011, BC Hydro celebrated 50 years of providing power for British Columbians, and inviting them to help prepare for the next 50 years.

At BC Hydro, we are committed to sustainability for generations, and to support and strengthen the communities we serve.

BC Hydro is pleased to register the $1.35Billion Dollar John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project as this sites initial Major Project. We feel sure that other project owners will see the benefits to all Major Projects stakeholders, and will register their Campbell River projects on this site.