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Moving Forward: A Framework for Action

This Project has served to provide many informational pieces including:

  • Historical context of the community/city of Campbell River in terms of its economy and economic history;
  • A thorough collection of secondary research that informs about all aspects of the economic fabric of Campbell River, especially with respect to past, present and opportunities;
  • Development of a centralized employer data base that incorporates the content of databases maintained by the City, Rivercorp, the CRDCC and others;
  • The results of a comprehensive employer survey that provides an extensive workforce development data base that is both current and specific to Campbell River, the only one that exists; and,
  • The results of the collective comments and observations emanating out of a series of focus meetings and key informant interviews.

A number of opportunities for action are identified in this final section of the report under the following themes:

  • The sustainable database and survey process
  • Linking to The Workforce Development Community Accord
  • The Primary Collaborative Model - "A Three-Cornered Compact"
  • School to work transition programs
  • General focus on training and education
  • Service providers working together
  • Large Project Preparation
  • Forestry
  • Industry to industry collaboration/mentoring with small business
  • Culture, the Arts, and downtown "vitalization"
  • Linking to Resources outside of Campbell River
  • Employers must drive the bus