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Focus Groups and Interviews

There were almost 500 individuals who participated in the research in this initiative through the employer survey, focus groups and interviews. We would like to acknowledge the hundreds of hours, business experience and insights donated freely to this study by the individuals and companies listed below. There contributions were important for both validating some of the survey findings and uncovering new insights on employer and workforce needs and potential strategies.

Focus Groups

  1. Aquaculture
  2. Forestry Sector
  3. A group of large projects contemplated for the Campbell River area

Key Information Interviews

  1. Economic Development (Rivercorp and Community Futures)
  2. Large retail business representatives)
  3. Small retail representatives)
  4. Tourism industry representatives)
  5. Arts Sector representatives)

Focus Group and Interview Participants

  • Aquaculture Group
    • Mary Ellen Walling (B.C. Salmon Farmers Assoc)
    • Colleen Dane (B.C. Salmon Farmers Assoc)
    • Tim Muldon (Brown's Bay Packing Co. Ltd.)
    • Rachel Blaney (Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association)
    • Clive Brown (Creative Salmon Company Ltd.)
    • Lois McNestry (Discovery College)
    • Richard Harry (Aboriginal Aquaculture)
    • Ken Crewe (Marine Harvest)
    • Tina Gonsky (NIEFS)
    • Cheryl O’Connell (North Island College)
    • Clay Carlson (School District 72)
  • Forestry Sector Group
    • Nigel Ross (Forestry Task Force)
    • Corby Lamb (Capacity Forest Management)
    • Chief Bob Pollard (Campbell River Indian Band)
    • Ian Crompton (Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd.)
    • Bob Lee (Local Truck Loggers Association)
    • Shannon Baike (NIEFS)
    • Cheryl O’Connell (North Island College)
    • Clay Carlson (School District 72)
    • Tracey O’Malley (Strategic Forest Management)
    • Tracey O’Malley (Strategic Forest Management)
  • Large Projects Group
    • Stacy Marsh (CR Hospital Foundation)
    • Dan Berkshire (Raven Coal Project)
    • Stephen Watson (BC Hydro)
    • Rachel Blaney (Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association)
    • Shannon Baike (NIEFS)
    • Clay Carlson (School District 72)
    • Candy-Lea Chickite (Raven Coal Project)
  • Arts Sector
    • Carol Seeley (CR Art Gallery)
    • Lesia Davis (CR Museum)
    • Guy Lapointe (Tidemark Theatre)
  • Economic Development
    • Marc Crane (Community Futures)
    • Lorrie Bewza (Rivercorp)
    • Ben Chalmers (Rivercorp)
  • Large Retail Business
    • Kim Vokey (Home Hardware)
    • Jeff Ackinclose (Thrifty Foods)
    • Warren Cook (London Drugs)
    • David Hunt (Walmart)
  • Small Retail Business
    • Jack Turley (Gourmet Essentials)
    • Cathy Voth (Myers North Penney)
  • Tourism Industry
    • Rhonda Harper (CR Visitors Centre)
    • Christine Flemming (Painters Lodge/April Point)
    • Harry MacDonald (CR & District Guide Assoc)
    • Teresa Davis (Rivercorp)
  • Overall Project
    • Colleen Evans (CRDCC)
    • Doug Preston (NIEFS)